Tales From The Borderlands: It’s Borderlands On iOS, And That’s A Good Thing

Telltale. Borderlands. Need I say more?
When an accomplished developer like Telltale has released a game set in the Borderlands universe, one that is highly praised by its fans for its humorous writing and great characters, what can go wrong? In this case, absolutely nothing. While this isn’t a review of the game, let me tell you that the writing is great (and true to the Borderlands universe as we know it), the presentation is spot on and everything else is just as you’d expect from a quality Telltale release. If you’ve played and enjoyed the Borderland games, Tales From The Borderlands is a highly recommended download for your iPhone or iPad (it’s a universal app). And if you haven’t yet played any of the Bordeland games, this might just be your chance to jump right in.


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