GTA: Chinatown Wars On Sale Till August 1st

gta header GTA: Chinatown Wars On Sale Till August 1st

Rockstar Games has lowered the price for GTA: Chinatown Wars to an all-time low of $2.99 for both the iPhone and iPad version. The sale lasts until August 1st. Let me tell you that GTA: Chinatown Wars is a real highlight on the App Store and if you haven’t played this game yet for whatever reason, now is the time to get into the action. The game was originally released on the Nintendo DS in 2009 and was ported to Sony’s PSP seven months later. Featuring a top-down perspective, it felt like GTA returned to its roots after several 3D releases of the franchise. And it was perfectly executed: GTA: CTW was well received by both critics and gamers alike. And we had nothing but good words in our review.

When Rockstar released GTA: CTW in January 2010 on the App Store for $9.99 it was a bargain. You’d have to pay three times the money if you wanted to buy it for your DS or PSP. So getting this game right now for as little as $2.99 [iPhone|iPad] is a real steal and a deal that you shouldn’t miss out on. And in case your still not convinced, you can always give the free Lite version [iPhone|iPad] a try.


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