Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour – Looking VERY Sharp In This Dev Diary!

A few days ago I said that Modern Combat 4 doesn’t looks as impressive now that we’ve seen games like Infinity Blade and the likes. Holy cow, I take that back! This game looks sharp! More detailed 3D models compared to earlier games, motion capturing, Havoc physics engine, dynamic objects – if someone told me a few years ago that we’d see all this stuff in a mobile game on our smartphones, I would have personally driven that guy to the next insane asylum.

But, as we all know, graphics isn’t everything and I have yet to get my hands on Modern Combat 4 to find out if the game plays as well as it looks. Fortunately, I don’t think it will be long until Gameloft will release Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on the App Store. Also, as it seems to have become quite common these days, I don’t think this was the last of the Dev Diary entries. So stay tuned!


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