Year Walk – Check Out The New Trailer For Simogo’s Upcoming Game!

year walk header <span>Year Walk</span> Check Out The New Trailer For Simogos Upcoming Game!

If you’re into iPhone games, it’s reasonable to assume that you’re familiar with the name Simogo by now. But in case you’re not: Simogo is the swedish development team who released some of the most touchscreen-optimized and creative games on the App Store. To be more precise, those guys brought us Bumpy Road, Kosmo Spin and Beat Sneak Bandit. Despite its obvious qualities, Beat Sneak Bandit, they’re latest release, wasn’t really my cup of tea – which doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great game with the usual, incredible amount of Simogo-polish. It just didn’t appeal to me the way the previous games did.

So let’s come back to the present: Simogo is now working on their 4th game called Year Walk. And I was really glad to see they are heading into a new direction with it! It’s darker and seems to be a title that is very story-driven. Which I find to be a fantastic idea, because I always thought Simogo’s games were very atmospheric and confident in their art direction.

Year Walk is going to be a first person adventure in which you’ll spend you’re time unraveling a mystery in 19th century Sweden. To understand what’s going on, you’ll have “to bend the rules of the universe and open the rift that separates our world and what lies beyond it” according to Simogo. Sounds intriguing, right?! For me, Year Walk is one of the games I’m really looking forward to. Unfortunately, it’s not quite clear when Year Walk will be released. The trailer says 2013 whereas the website still says it’ll hit the App Store this winter. But enough talk for now, time to soak in the atmosphere that this trailer oozes of:


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