Release Craziness – “Bumpy Road”, “Chaos Rings” And More Coming Tonight

Now that’s what I call a lineup! Thanks to the magic of time zones we already know what you’ll be able to play in a few hours. The way it works is quite simple: App Store titles are released international on the same day – but as you already figured, a day doesn’t start at the same time over the world. This means we can already check out what games are now available on the NZ App Store to know what’s available worldwide in a few hours. And that’s a hell of a lineup tonight:

Bumpy Road – Simogo’s second game focuses on a unique control scheme. You need to guide an elderly couple through the level by morphing the road underneath them. We enjoyed Bumpy Road a lot in our preview, so this is definitely a release to look out for.

Chaos Rings Ω – Chaos Rings Ω is the prequel to Square Enix’ iOS exclusive RPG Chaos Rings. It’s set 10.000 years before Chaos Rings and will hopefully shed some more light on this universe. Chaos Rings is one of the best RPGs available on the App Store to date so this release should keep all the RPG fans busy for a while. Check out the trailer!

Casey’s Contraptions – This looks like an excellent puzzle game and a perfect fit for touchscreen devices. You’re asked to build crazy contraptions in order to complete the puzzles in each level. And there’s a ton of levels, 70 to be precise. On top of that you’ll be able to see how your friends have solved each of the puzzles and get nuts with the included level editor.

Ink Ball – The most outstanding aspect of this game is obviously the art style. This game looks very unique and beautiful. In its core it’s a puzzle game in which you need to guide ink balls into an inkwell.


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